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Food Justice

The Silent Task Force recognizes that systemic racism and social inequalities are often intertwined with food disparities. In addressing these structural inequalities and working to eliminate racial and social disparities in food access, food security, and food-related opportunities, our young folks who are Common Unity Strategists (CUS) are boots on the ground gaining insight on our communities' need for those opportunities. Our passion for fresh, healthy, and culturally specific produce and pantry items aid in combating the food insecurities and injustices within the Skyway community. Food As Medicine Experience (FAME) was created to not only procure and secure food, but to also educate on the health benefits of fresh produce. Another goal is to renovate the kitchen to a commercial kitchen to deliver freshly cooked dietary meals to our sick and shut-in community of elders and disabled members and is cultivated to address the need in a culturally specific way. We partner with BIPOC, Halal, and other local farmers in procuring and gleaning fresh food and distributing it throughout the community. Currently, we distribute food to specific apartment communities such as Greentree and Creston Pointe and operate the Saturday Food Distribution in Skyway. We partner with United Way’s DoorDash program by supporting/coordinating a pickup delivery location to serve 700 more families weekly to Skyway, Renton andSouth King County. 

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