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Pre-Apprenticeship Training

The Silent Task Force is soon to create a Pre-Apprenticeship training program that is designed to prepare participants for entry into formal apprenticeships and exposure to the workforce. With our operations manager having 15 years of experience in this field, he will provide participants with the foundational knowledge, skills, and experience needed to succeed in apprenticeship training and subsequent careers in skilled trades and other industries. Those foundational skills and tools such as math, reading, and communication, will ensure participants are adequately prepared for the technical aspects of the apprenticeship with hands-on, project based technical instruction and safety protocols relevant to the work conducted. Our target is underrepresented communities to promote diversity and inclusion and encompass workforce development and employability. 

How It All Started

Our team has been dedicated to making a difference in the community and that is why we have taken on the task of rehabilitating and renovating our new building to provide residents with even more critical resources. Our partnerships with local businesses and organizations have allowed us to offer a variety of services, such as medical care, mental health resources, job training, and much more. Every effort we make is geared towards empowering those we serve and improving their quality of life.

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