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Digital Navigation&Equity

In partnership with Arms Around You and the Black Brilliance Research Project, The Silent Task Force provided digital navigation services, workforce development, and system/social navigation that is culturally responsive and centered around women, femmes and girls in re-entry that often lack culturally specific digital programming needed to survive.


The 5 pillars of digital equity include:

  1. Affordable and sufficient access to internet services.

  2. Digital and technological skills.

  3. Access and resources to individual devices.

  4. Applications, and services.

  5. Instalation of WIFI to low income and underserved communities.


This affords the opportunity for employment, healthcare navigation, social, educational, and legal navigation, that addresses the social systems needed and provides resources to meet their basic needs. Because of this program, it opened the understanding of the need for digital navigation and equity not only for women in re-entry, but to our greatly marginalized and underserved community as their access to these resources have been identified to be non-existent, or high barriers. Our capacity to address this matter encompasses members of our team who can educate our community on the installation, usage, and knowledge of systems needed to navigate in this technological world. Another very important aspect of the work we will continue to provide and engage the community around is Misinformation, Disinformation, No information and AI. 

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